Focus Group Program (Virtual Volunteering)

Through our Focus Group Program (Virtual Volunteering), we are conducting our Focus Group Research Program to gather information for our Organization. The program consists of 7 online surveys/interview questionnaires (between 2-5 hours each) done on your own time from your own computer from home or library or school as well as research gathered for our Organization. You will be helping us gather important data to grow and improve our organization. Your feedback is essential to the way we run our organization, do research and deliver programs and services to the community. At the end of this program, you will have earned 40 hours of community hours towards your high school Diploma or General Volunteer hours.

Once completed, we can make arrangements to provide you with all the essentials you need (recommendation/confirmation letter or have your school/other forms signed) to verify you have completed your mandatory community service hours.

Due to the popularity of this program and to help us continue fund the administrative costs, we will be collecting a small fee of ($20.00) to register for the program.

Step 1: Please make payment by PayPal or eTransfer to

Angel Alert Focus Group ONLINE PROGRAM ($20)

Step 2. Please register below: