Google Cardboard VR Viewer Volunteers

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The Angel Alert Google Cardboard VR Headset Program enables high school students to earn their 20-40 mandatory community service hours by purchasing 1 or 2 Google Cardboard VR Viewers from us to help our Fundraising efforts and to also act as our Ambassador by sharing our program with other high-school students to help us get more volunteers.

Since our non-profit Organization does not receive any Government Funding, we can only rely on public donations. This Fundraising Program goes a long way towards helping us receive donations in a fun, unique way.

Once completed, we can make arrangements to meet and provide you with all the essentials you need such as a recommendation/confirmation letter or have your school forms signed to verify you have completed your requirement. If you are interested in this program, please fill out the information below and we will get you started.

1. You register for our program by emailing us the information needed below.
2. We will meet with you in person to provide you with a Google Cardboard VR Viewer at North York Civic Center (by appointment only) or you can purchase a Google Cardboard by PayPal (below).
3. We will sign your volunteer school forms/or prepare a confirmation letter for your completed hours either in person or by email.
4. You may continue the program for as long as you like.

Please email with Subject Line ‘Google Cardboard Sales’ with the following information filled out accurately:

Program: Google Cardboard Volunteers
First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Apartment Number if any: #
Postal Code:
Email address:
High school you attend:
Are you male of female?
How many hours do you need to complete?
Deadline(s) for your hours to be completed by: please enter exact date
How did you hear about this volunteer opportunity?

Purchase a Google Cardboard Viewer here: