We appreciate all of your support so we can keep giving back to the community. With your donation, Angel Alert non-profit Organization continues to provide children, elderly and vulnerable individuals, especially with life-threatening medical conditions and in low-income situations, with a FREE Device (SOS or GPS) to assist with emergencies.

You may donate in the following ways:

1. e-Transfer to Angel Emergency Organization Account:
If you would like to donate online through an e-transfer, please use information below:
Name of Organization: Angel Alert
Security Password: angels

2. Our Go Fund Me Campaign:
If you would like to donate directly to our Go Fund Me Campaign, please click here.

3. PayPal (VISA, Mastercard, American Express):
If you would like to donate through Paypal, click on DONATE button below.

4. By cheque:
If you would like to donate by cheque, please make it payable to Angel Emergency Alert Organization. Please be advised we cannot issue any required documents until the cheque clears the bank (up to 2-3 weeks). Please email us to get instructions and mailing address.

5. In person:

DUE TO COVID-19, all meetings for 2020 are CANCELLED. Verification and school forms will only be provided by email or mail.