Door-to-Door Flyer Delivery Program (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

The Angel Alert Door-to-Door Flyer Delivery Program enables you to earn unlimited amount of community hours working individually to deliver flyers door-to-door to homes locally within the GTA usually along a TTC line.

A team of 6-8 students will be working closely, supervised by an adult representative for our organization for safety/fulfillment reasons. You can invite other fellow students/friends who require their own hours or you will be paired with fellow high schools students for maximum of 2 hours outside from 4:30-6:30pm on a predetermined day.

Once complete, we can provide you with all the essentials you need such as a recommendation/confirmation letter or have your forms signed to verify you have completed your requirement. If you are interested in this program, please fill out the information below .

Hours Available: 20, 40 or Unlimited Hours

Please email with Subject Line ‘Flyer Delivery Program’ with the following information filled out accurately:

Program: Flyer Delivery Program
First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Apartment Number if any: #
Postal Code:
Email address:
High school you attend:
Are you male of female?
How many hours do you need to complete?
Deadline(s) for your hours to be completed by: please enter exact date
How did you hear about this volunteer opportunity?
Are you able to bring a friend or two that needs their hours too?